Non-Emergency Transport


Our highly-skilled team of Nationally Registered and Massachusetts certified EMTs handle most of SBVAS’s Non-Emergent Transports (Basic Life Support), which can be scheduled in advance or on an as-needed basis. The EMTs who provide Basic Life Support transports are trained in modalities including, but not limited to, basic airway management, bleeding control, CPR, orthopedic care, managing allergic reactions, and assisting with the delivery of newborns.

Non-Emergent ambulance transport is generally used for:

  • Transports to and from nursing care facilities
  • Transports to specialty or rehabilitative centers
  • Transports from one hospital to another for continuous medical attention
  • Transports to and from dialysis, wound-care, and radiation centers
  • Transports to and from physicians’ offices
  • Transports to and from retirement communities

While these situations are non-emergent, they still require a high degree of clinical expertise.

Please call our office at 413-528-3632 to learn more about our ambulance transport services.